Monday, November 8, 2010

From a local dealership. It was like this for a couple of weeks. I figure either A) they didn't notice, B) none of their customers noticed, or C) they did notice but couldn't be bothered fixing it. I'm going with A.

What say you?

More non-pictured stuff: I also see a TON of punctuation errors around. Most of the time, it involves superflous apostrophes, like apple's, orange's, wire's, box's, etc... Many of them were found at a health food store where every single price sticker showed the name of the company; Natures's Best. :( Caesar is also spelled Ceasar in many menus. Sorry, menu's. Check your menu next time you eat out.


  1. Hey Ripplin(if thats what you want to call yourself these days),
    I am looking forward to a "fail blog" that will stay on the clean side. I will check back to see the messed up goodness you find around the town...keep up the good work...


  2. Aw man, and it was gonna be so dirty! Oh, fine! :p

    Heh heh...Demetri Martin. Funny guy. I made a Lego version of him: