Monday, November 8, 2010

Starting out...

The above picture is the one that started my 'dumberer' thread[s] at and (I'll be posting some of the things they've found too, and will credit them accordingly) This was on every dashboard in a fleet of 20-30 cabs. (I know this is also a cost issue, i.e. they can't afford to fix them, but it still made me laugh!) Oh, and notice how the waiting time is 3/4 of a penny per minute! Man, I'd hire a cab to sit around for 48 hours just for fun at that price!

Oh, I used to have a bunch of pictures from around town of mistakes made on signs and such, but lost most of them due to hard drive failure. There are also some I missed out on taking pictures of. I will describe some of them from time to time,

There was the spray painted 'NO PARKIG' on the ground near the service doors at Honda (fixed quickly) and the three huge signs in their lot advertising the Honda Ridegline (Ridgeline).

There's also the local pizza joint that's open from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM every day. (did have a picture of that, but the sign is fixed now...)

I also used to stay at the, according to the front door mat, Qulaity Inn in Romulus, Michigan. :p The quality of the service was just about as good.

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